Family, Senior, Boudoir Session Pricing

Your Session Fee is $495 and includes a $300 print and/or product credit to be applied toward your order.

Print Prices begin at $99 and Albums begin at $900. Although there is no minimum order requirement, the average client spends between $2000-$3000 on their final order.

Please Contact Cyndee directly for a Pricing Menu.

Branding Pricing

Your Session Fee is $495 and includes a $300 print and/or product credit to be applied toward your order.

Branding Collections include digital files in various formats to accommodate your specific needs. The Digital File order for a Branding Session is $1499 and includes 10 digital files.

Please Contact Cyndee directly for a Pricing Menu.

Headshot Pricing

Once a month, Cyndee sets aside a time for Professionals to come in for an updated headshot. These sessions take place at my studio. They are 20 minutes with the ordering process immediately following. The price is $295 for the headshot session and three digital images and $75 for each additional image.

If you are in need of several images for your office, please contact me directly for pricing. Thank you!

I consider myself pretty lucky to show women a side of themselves that they’ve never seen before which transpires to a feeling of value, body positivity and self-love. Are you ready for a mindset shift? Are you ready to claim the confidence you’ve been searching for? If so, you’re in the right place. Boudoir Defined is a photography studio dedicated to inspiring confidence in women of all ages, sizes and colors. For the past 10 years, under Ashki Photography, I’ve photographed beautiful brides, handsome grooms, glowing mothers and gorgeous seniors. When I turned 40, I realized that a very important, yet often over-looked subject, was missing from my photographs. Women just like me who are in the throws of motherhood, in the middle of their careers or just finally getting to know who they truly are.

Women who simply want to feel beautiful. So I started a division of my company that specializes in Boudoir Photography.


I am a Boudoir Photographer. That means that I take pictures of women in beautiful clothing - sometimes even in their skivvies in an effort to help them see their beauty from a different light - no matter their looks, size, or stage in life. My passion for you is to empower you to love yourself right where you are.


When you have a Boudoir Session, you’ll realize you’ve never seen yourself this way before.
You’ve never been able to get past seeing yourself with "those extra ten pounds" or the "baby weight" you haven't lost or the "wrinkles" in your face. But this time, Beautiful Woman, you will see yourself in a completely different light. You will realize that you ARE indeed beautiful. You ARE worthy of good relationships. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE.


It's an entirely new feeling when you begin to love yourself more. One day being in front of the camera, followed by a washing away of all the years of negative self-talk. This is your new beginning.

Believe it or not, SOMEONE (or many someones) will be empowered by the story you choose to tell through your session. A woman who has had similar struggles or who can see herself in you, will see the POWER you've received by loving yourself a little more than you did yesterday. She will take the next step to loving herself more. All because of you and your story.


I’ve seen women transform right in front of my eyes. From every day to slay - from shy to confident - from abused to empowered. All because of a Boudoir Session. And I believe EVERY WOMAN deserves one. So when is it YOUR turn? I am a proud Boise Native who lives in Meridian, Idaho with my amazingly
supportive husband. We’re raising three kiddos to be confident in their own skin, to value their own thoughts and to be a beacon of light to those around them.


xo -Cyndee

boudoir defined

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