When I saw the photos at the end of the session, I completely started to cry. She captured me in a way that I've never seen on camera. To see how she captured me through her lens was incredible and empowering. 

I usually tend to pick apart myself in pictures, but this time I saw myself in a new light. Not only did I FEEL beautiful during the session, the photos of me WERE beautiful. 

Love your body. Don't compare yourself to HER. Love the woman you are inside and out because God made you just the way you are and He doesn't make mistakes. Embrace your gifts and use them so you can give others the freedom to do the same. 

- J

After my session, I felt like a Goddess.  I felt comfortable in my own skin and BEAUTIFUL. I was able to see what others see in myself.

I would ABSOLUTELY encourage ANYONE to do a session - especially those who may be in need of a confidence boost to get more in tune with their alluring side and natural femininity!

I’m still young...but I wish I could have told my younger self to ignore what people say - don’t let your role models be girls you see on Instagram, and always ALWAYS love yourself.

If you feel out of tune with yourself and like you’re losing your self love, do something to fix it immediately vs forcing yourself to get comfortable with your negative thoughts.

- A

I wanted to have Photographs taken because I am at a reflective time in my life and I wanted something powerful, personal and defining. 

Having this session challenged me to see myself in a different way, to be more comfortable with myself, and to consider that maybe all the little flaws I obsess over aren't really flaws at all. 

I wish I could tell my younger self not to waste time criticizing yourself, comparing yourself or being unhappy with how you look.

Everyone should have the experience of having a boudoir session with Cyndee. She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. It's a unique experience.

- M